Mizzou Ku Klux Klan Lynchings VideoTaped By Navy SEAL Instrucor & His Autistic Savant Daughter


I’m starting to remember the bodies. Why Mom tried to leave but couldn’t. Why I tried to leave. I remember your M.O. I remember their M.O.’s.

You Mizzou Ku Klux Klan can all GO FUCK YOUR SELVES. If the Knock-Out Game don’t get you first!

Your favorite words were ‘nigger’, wetback, queer, nigger-lover, bubble butt, retarded… You cleaned up your act, somewhat, for a roof, and access to more kids, guns, and young minds to fuck-up. It’s the only way you can get that little winky of yours hard…

Maybe that’s why I hate those words. And that attitude from doctors, police, employers.

I’m autistic. I have serious communication barriers. I have a lot of information for many jurisdictions. I seek to educate and inform massive amounts of data in an efficient manner that bigoted, neurotypical boneheads can understand so we don’t have another Matthew A. Nestle. That is to say that the attention I want is NOT self-serving. It’s so many, many families can eventually sleep at night.


The Klan uses the ‘spoonful of sugar’ method to get people to swallow their crap. They’re are a wolves in sheeps clothing.

I don’t seek to hurt anyone. I’m motivated by protecting, not hiding…

This article will be revised as internet access time is available.



Boycott ALL McDonald’s Restaurants for violence against Hispanics and discrimination & retaliation against homeless gays

Boycott ALL McDonald’s Restaurants for violence against Hispanics and discrimination & retaliation against homeless gays

McDonalds at 91st Ave & Union Hills has been formally charged, on my behalf, by the E.E.O.C. (Equal Employment Opportunity Commision) for discrimination & retaliation. They hate gays, women, Hispanics, African Americans, Asians and the elderly. Amber Mortensen was yelling so loud about several elderly customers in her drive-thru because they were slowing her drive through times. These poor little old ladies were like “Oh! I’m so sorry! It’s all my fault!” I said “No! No! It’s not your fault. She’s just young, and disrespectful…” And they thanked ME for making their day a pleasant one and asked for Ambers name and job title. That’s probably why I was written up (wasn’t even at work) & fired so rapidly for re-asserting a Title VII claim. Both the franchisee, Brandon O’Rourke, and G.M. Amber Mortenson, were so pissed at me they actually responded with the retaliation in writing via texts and emails!!! *S*T*U*P*I*D*

After reviewing the bold, and prodigiously *B*R*I*L*L*I*A*N*T*  evidence that I provided, The Equal Employment Investigator took all of 10-15 minutes to decide to charge a McDonalds with very serious allegations. Brandon O’Rourkes own management team came to me for help. I possess what’s called a ‘superhuman dynamic’. It comes with being gifted and fighting for your life all your life. And lots of pain & suffering. Patrick beckman, Brandons Directer of Operations had already apologized for the use of the word ‘Faggot’ on my my shifts. I am openly gay. Yet Brandon maintained in his most recent emails that their investigation turned up no evidence of discrimination, or any hostile and intimidating work environment, and that I never appealed his findings. 

Ummmm. I did, by email. I told him I wasn’t about to take his word for my charges against him personally for a biased work environment, and what’s more they CONCEDED & APOLOGIZED for the use of the word ‘faggot’ and the hostile & intimidating environment that accompanies it. Patrick looked at Jason and said ” Had anyone used that word on one of my shifts there would have been a beat down in the back room” Patrick is gay. Which, if you’re saying that you’d beat the hell out out of a co-worker for saying faggot that pretty much means you’ve found the use of this word intimidating and it created some hostility. DUH!  

Many employees & managers told me that Brandon yells at Amber. Probably about drive-thru times. That’s because the times are based on how long it takes for an order to be taken, served, and on to the next customer. That’s why there is no priority on old school customer service at McDonalds. They want you in & out fast because 70% of their business is drive-thru. So, they slower they are the LESS MONEY $$$$ THEY MAKE. That means Brandon wants those times down to beef-up his bottom line. I’m sure Amber gets bonuses and possibly a commission for her sales volumes. So, she profits as well. The customer & McDonald’s employee loses. Our safety, and the pleasant customer interaction that you used to enjoy at McDonalds suffers tremendously. He has insurance to pay any lawsuits. I will not sign ANY non-disclosure agreement. I want change. 

The Arizona Republic said that they were assigning a reporter. No need. i got this. As ranking female savant whose mother majored in Mass Communications I don’t need them. I guess that means I ‘got the scoop’ on them. You snooze, you loose. I am not a member of the associated press, and have no money, property, or assets. So, if anyone sues me it won’t get them anywhere.

Here’s a link to a photo of the charge that E.O.I. Miguel Ramon printed up for me:


I will be posting video’s of my most resent employer firing me for asserting Title VII, and also falsifying employee records. You’ll get to see my interview swagger for yourself. I have to show it to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, first. he may ask me to hold off on going public with it. I don’t want to compromise a criminal investigation. A fellow employee said that they pulling that crap ‘because of all the illegals…. So, we all have to suffer because of them… they need to send a bunch of undercovers in here…”