The horror story of Sasha Menu Courey and the University Of Missouri

I’m re-living her horror. Only I am an investigator for multiple FL attorneys. I published my story but my URL was deleted by DOJ because it implicates the Governor Jay Nixon, and MU & Family Health Center Dr. Joseph Parks whom Jay Nixon appointed as the MO Medicaid Director. I have audio files revealing forced and falsified medicaid claims by Dr. Parks clinics. I was sexually assaulted, on audio, by a University of Missouri Women’s and Children’s Hospital ER. It’s all under criminal investigation. The new Title 9 Administrator, Ellen Eardley, is an unworthy admin. The University of Missouri is a central part of the Mizzou Ku Klux Klans ability to keep and maintain their illegal Sovereignty Commissions to insure their is no oversight on their federal violations. It’s still as brutal a Good’ Ol’ Boys Club & Good Ol Gals Club  as ever.

Attn: MO Board of Healing Arts Enforcement & MO Board of Nursing
The criminal retaliation by Dr. Govari, Dr. Ludden, and Dr Chu for reporting & recording A.D.A. & Tile 7 violations that resulted in their falsifying their medical records to reflect drug seeking and demanding #180 tramadol in order to make sure I was marginalized and ‘dumped’ by subsequent providers has effected my ability to get cancer treatment not only in Missouri, but Florida, and now Arizona even while cover by AZ Medicaid. The audio recordings of what actually happened in the exam room with Dr.’s Ludden, Chu, and Govari, as well all the exams at Boones ER, Boones Family Medicine Clinics, Mizzou’s ER, and Family Health Center will be reviewed by gay rights advocates in Phoenix and San Francisco. SF has unlimited funding for such causes.
I will be advising them of Columbia Chapter 12. This city ordinance makes A.D.A. violations a criminal offense. Plus, all of these encounters were at tax exempt non profits where federal ADA violations & criminal retaliations were strictly prohibited. The audio was made as e reasonable accommodation as I am Asperger’s with a savant memory & capabilities. I made sure I stated in every encounter that I record all medical encounters. Boone Hospital Centers ER Unit Manager, Beth Edson, and DR. Scott got criminally stupid over bing recorded and got recorded committing coercion and lying to a CPD DOVE Detective & myself. Idiots.
We have a new Governor Elect. A Jewish Navy S.E.A.L. My father taught SEALS, and participated in Black Ops as a Navy Veteran in Vietnam. Gov. Greitens will be asked to make sure healing Arts Enforcement & The BON do proper investigations into the complaints that will be resubmitted as of January 10th, 2017 against all the doctors that participated in evidence tampering to hide Mizzou’s & Boones JIm Crow healthcare redlining, medicaid fraud, private insurance fraud that is apparently sanctioned by both police chiefs and may involve M.U. Police Det. Shawn Spaldings family. Diane Spalding FNP at Family Health Center where the Medicaid Director Dr. Joe Parks profits in the millions off his own medicaid fraud. Then there’s Beth Sweeney’s Gay-Bashing. Beth got recorded trying to hook up for a same sex encounter with myself, apparently behind her husbands back, and per the audio I don’t even realize that’s what she’s referring to…
I believe Det. Spalding and Det. Heckmaster were responsible for notifying the FBI once the Mizzou Alumni in public offices were implicated in the multi-billion dollar fraud scam. Instead the detectives let the governor, who was directly implicated in my rape per the rapist doctors notes, let them investigate their own crimes.
I’m thinking M.U. police Department & Columbia Police Department are as much responsible for my not getting cancer treatment as the doctors and politicians.
Time for some protests.
The gay-bashing extended to Florida Hospital & Orlando Regional Medical Center where a Mizzou doctor got recorded assuring me I’d get no cancer treatment there, either. Yet his name is nowhere in my records… Dr. Terry Gaar.
This is the text from Part 1 of the Gloria Baca RNP Complaint to the Arizona Board of Nursing
Gloria Baca’s notes from our Nov. 15th encounter are morbidly false. When I went to pick up my records the blood work results aren’t there, nor is the sheet she filled out with a list of all the orders and referrals. She gave me a copy of it but the clinic can’t find any record of it. Gloria is supervised by Dr. Robert Allen. Dr. Allen is responsible for the accuracy of the medical records. Dr. Allen refused to meet with me at the clinic and instead sent the Clinic Manager to tell me I wasn’t going to be given an oncology referral, and that I was no longer a patient there. Dr. Allen & Terros have a contract with ASU. To teach, anyway. A complaint will be filed against Dr. Allen on a printed complaint form from the AZ BOM so it can be cc’d to my parents and various gay rights advocacy groups.
An Arizona State University-St. Josephs Hospital ER Dr. Joe Pegg got recorded making knowingly false accusations of faking chest pain for???  I recorded myself refusing their offers for morphine and said I needed fluids because of the recent rupture. Dr. Pegg got recorded stating he didn’t want to hear my history. The audio captured his completely abusive belligerent tone quite well. He was the new shift change DR. that came in after I recorded ASU’s DR. Velesco saying I gave a wonderful, comprehensive medical history. Dr. Velesco had no doubts that I was suffering from untreated cancer. Dr. Velesco said that the loss of fluids through bleeding aggravating the angina made perfect sense. As did all the other doctors that gave me 2 & 3 bags of fluids during a rupture even with a stable hemoglobin. One doctor explained that even though you may not need a blood transfusion you are still loosing the fluids and only I.V. fluids can replace those fluids fast enough. i.e. If you get bad seafood at Red Lobster and start puking and shitting your brains out you will get fluids in the ER even though your hemoglobin is likely to be fine.
The Dignity Health ASU St. Josephs Hospital Risk Management rep got recorded stating that I was dumped by Dignity Health ASU/St. Josephs because I was dumped for the chest pain at Banner.
I believe the falsification of medical records is a form of hiding their patient dumping. The original EMTALA violations here in AZ where at a Maricopa Co. GYN’s office. That GYN referral was made by an ER physician who was recorded having no doubts that I was suffering from untreated cancer. I was actually going septic. That doctor was recorded asking me about the drooping on the right side of my face. Maricopa Health Plans case management said that ER referral to a specialist was unusual. She said that the ER doctor must have expected that GYN to admit me.
That GYN, Dr. Patricia Graham, should have done exactly that. I was bloated with 20lbs of edema. It was causing severe chest pain and the abscess that went up through my neck and behind my nasal passages? had my face drooping like I’d had a stroke. The uterine swelling is so bad, that Gloria Baca was recorded stating that the uterus was encroaching on my rectum and/or nerve and making it so I couldn’t feel when I need to evacuate. There was rectal bleeding, and large black lesions on the left side of my buttock and inner thigh, as well as severe swelling and numbness around the genitals.
Gloria was recorded saying that yes she saw all the swelling and the blackening of the skin which hurts to set on, and that no I do not have hemorrhoids. She was recorded stating that she noticed I was setting in such a way that indicated those black lesions hurt.
None of this is in her notes. I recorded myself showing her an ultrasound radiology report from Oct 2016 that showed very NEW large cysts on the ovaries, cervix, it showed the 5cm tumor, and a new large tumor or cyst in the right corn of my uterus. It reported fluid in the cul de sac. Based on this Gloria ordered a pelvic MRI & another ultrasound. Gloria was recorded asking me if she could make copies of the radiology report from the vaginal ultrasound, the abnormal stress test results, and report of abnormal ECG. She also made a copy of a University of Missouri lab result from 3-25-16 that showed my BNP at 256 because my kidneys shut down as a result of sepsis from ongoing rupturing.
Gloria Baca RNP  is supervised by Klan sympathizer Dr. Robert Allen:
Dr. Robert Allen, Gloria Baca RNP, and Terros are a teaching facility for Arizona State University & Dignity Health, who is apparently partnered up with University of Arizona.
The unaddressed rupturing was part of healthcare redlining, insurance fraud, and gay-bashing at the last PCP I had in MO. My last PCP  was  recorded stating she didn’t care if I recorded my exams because she wasn’t the one doing anything wrong. We had crushes on each other and after an average of 2-2 1/2 hours in the exam room she forgot herself and let herself get recorded trying to actively hook-up for a same sex encounter. Behind her Good Ol Boy husbands back.
Once I saw how her records were falsified I let her know all that got recorded and she fired me as a patient but had her administration document that I had terminated my care. It was a federally funded tax exempt where the mo medicaid director was on the staff and part of the administration. I was on a medicaid grant. We now know that the director was fraudulently qualifying patients for medicaid & SSI via manufactured psychiatric records.
I have Aspergers with savant capabilities. Per Beth Sweeney and John C. Lincoln. John C. Lincolns Dr. Stites? got recorded trying to dump me & falsely accusing me of being a malingering junkie when his records indicated the previous ER doctor (prior to shift change) had diagnosed sepsis, fever of 101.5, lung effusion, the huge abscess, jaundice, renal failure, etc…  That S.O.B. almost discharged me to die… to cover all the previous medical errors because these idiots thought I was homeless. I was admitted and partially treated for the sepsis only because I advised the doctor that an urgent care doctor blew the whistle on the patient dumping and called an ambulance to her clinic. I recorded everything she said to the EMT’s. We all chose John C. Lincoln because I hadn’t been dumped by them.
I am not homeless. I declared I needed a safe shelter while seeking cancer treatment at every shelter. I have an apartment in MO, my mothers living in a $400,000 home in Prescott with her very wealthy husband, and I had been invited to stay with a friend here in Phoenix. I had declined because I didn’t want her in the middle of it. She’s on an advisory board for Phoenix Police Department. There was a potential conflict of interest since much of this patient dumping is also rape victim tampering. That audio recorded sexual assault can be heard here. It was an Mizzou ER doctor teaching me a lesson for reporting medicaid fraud at the medicaid directors clinics… And for recording Beth Sweeney trying to get her crotch eaten by a lesbian. Gay bashing rape while I was going septic from a rupture of this tumor.
You don’t get Florida or MO medicaid unless you get SSA benefits for a disability that keeps you from working for a year or more. So, the former Mo Gov., the former Mo Attorney General, and Mo HealthNet Dir. Dr. Joe Parks all of whom are University of Missouri Alumni have been running this scam that bilks MO Medicaid, the V.A. funds, private insurance, as well as patient farming,  made sure there was no oversight on their crimes. I had to give a statement to the F.B.I. field office in St.Louis because these public officials were using their public offices to perpetrate white collar crimes. For over a decade. At tax exempt organizations. That’s R.I.C.O. Violations.
The SSA’s various doctors ruled out any mental health or physical disability in 2013 when I was residing with and working for Dr. Chad Cronon. Dr. Cronon was training me to be the equivalent of a federal auditor. I have a recording of a phone conversation with Dr. Cronon to authenticate that I was sworn and immunized as his agent/investigator. I’m applying for new SSA benefits for untreated accelerated cancer due to Gloria & DR. Allens healthcare redlining. I’ll likely be examined by their psych & medical and it’s likely they’ll make the same diagnosis as Gloria was recorded making in 2014 at Bayless when she didn’t want to write for Depakote for the sensory overload “Depakote is a psych med and you have no psychiatric issues which warrant it’s use”
Once I explained how it helped with the sensory overload issues she prescribed it at very small amounts.
Now she’s falsifying her records to reflect a bipolar diagnosis that she herself, Beth Sweeney – my previous closeted bi-sexual gay-hating PCP also ruled out, the SSA’s doctors and two specialists in Orlando also ruled out.
Gloria wrote in her Nov. 15th records that I gave a bad history because of bipolar.
That’s not what I recorded. I recorded her understanding every single word I said quite clearly, responding in kind and even taking it steps further… Gloria Baca RNP made an emergency referral to the Banner Health GYN clinic. On Thursday, November 18, 2016- just 3 days after I was examined by Gloria Baca RNP that gyn clinic said with the ongoing sepsis, rupturing, suspected cancer in the lymph nodes, and severe uterine swelling that they would simply just refer me straight to GYN Oncology. Tasha said to tell Gloria to make the referral herself and save about $500.00 in taxpayer dollars. Tasha followed the law perfectly as ALL OF THESE DOCTORS are to save medicaid as much money as possible.
On Saturday, November 20th, 2016 I was rushed to the John C. Lincoln Mountain View Hospital ER for chest pain when the Fastmed Urgent Care doctor called the ambulance to pick me up at her clinic. She basically was recorded calling all the patient dumping bastards out, and giving an accurate report and accurate medical history to the EMT’s.
But Jon C. Lincoln fucked up and had a shift change doctor try to dump me after the original ER docter I was examined by had already diagnosed the sepsis, strep, jaundice from liver failure, renal failure, congestive heart failure, lung effusion, and the huge abscess  inside my head from my vocal cords to behind my nasal passages. I was blowing huge gobs of blood and puss from my nose. And the pain was unimaginable. The chest pain was excruciating.
Dr. Stites was the slick bastard that tried to discharge me to die like that. Because well, hell, she’s a faggot, a retard, and she’s homeless…
So, all the hospitalists after that lied to me about how serious things really were, refused to document the rupture that occurred while I was hospitalized there, falsified their records, and discharged me way too soon. The nurses sandbagged the doctors and made sure I knew the truth and they examined the uterine swelling that caused incontinence that the doctors refused to record or address.
When a docotr deliberately ommits important facts, findings, and evidence for the pirposes of misrepresentation they have committed felony evidence tampering. And in this case, medicaid fraud. To the tune of about $120,
Terros, Gloria Baca RNP, and Dr. Robert Allen, banner Health, Abrazo Community Health System, Dignity Health Care, and Honor Health have jumped on the gay-bashing band wagon with the Mizzou Ku Klux Klan doctors and it damn near cost me my life.
Abrazo Community Health System Joins The patient Dumping: Specifically Phoenix Baptist Hospital dumped me about 12 hours before I was admitted to Honor Health’s John C. Lincoln for sepsis from the rupturing tumor, leukocytosis, and strep throat. I was only admitted because I informed the shift change doctor who was attempting to dump me that I did not walk into that ER. I was brought by an ambulance that a doctor at an urgent care called to to her clinic to transport me.

These aren’t paranoid delusions or conspiracy theories…

I recorded attorney Ruth O’Niell, and 4 other attorneys demanding that I leave town for proper medical care because they apparently knew about Gov. Nixons involvement in the fraud.
One such Attorney was named Wade. He said he knew Nanette Ward personally and couldn’t understand why she hadn’t taken me to the police station to report the evidence tampering when she has such powerful connections to the Chief of CPD… Attorney Wade said “Tell Nanette to get you out of town for care! No one will help you here!”
Wade new Nanette was recorded setting in on abusive and fraudulent exams at Family Health Center, South Providence Family Medicine, and Boone’s ER. Both have as part of their administration the MO Medicaid Director Dr. Joe Parks.
Nanettes Ward’s & Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalitions ( A University of Missouri affiliate) tax exemption status as a rape victims advocate required her to assist me in reporting the abuses, the audio recorded sexual assault at University of Missouri Women’s Womens and Childrens ER, the criminal evidence tampering, and get me out of town for care.
As it turns out Nanette Ward and Deb Hume are getting some sort of kickbacks for coercing DOVE victims and homeless people into participating in Dr. Parks SSI & insurance frauds.
All of her coalitions board members are Mizzou faculty…
This is typical Klan bullshit…
This article will be polished and revised with added scans of the medical records and links to the audio files of these abusive medical encounters. It takes forever for uploads of lengthy encounters to be completed on Soundcloud. 


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As a mental health professional, I am shocked by the ineptitude of the administrators and the swim coach at UM. The coach should be fired, and a civil investigation should be launched into the conduct of administrators at UM. There is no excuse for demanding that a student withdraw from school while she is hospitalized and on suicide watch. The coach seemed blissfully unaware and unaccountable, in the “OTL” report. As someone who has worked with college students, this makes me…

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Mizzou Ku Klux Klan Lynchings VideoTaped By Navy SEAL Instrucor & His Autistic Savant Daughter


I’m starting to remember the bodies. Why Mom tried to leave but couldn’t. Why I tried to leave. I remember your M.O. I remember their M.O.’s.

You Mizzou Ku Klux Klan can all GO FUCK YOUR SELVES. If the Knock-Out Game don’t get you first!

Your favorite words were ‘nigger’, wetback, queer, nigger-lover, bubble butt, retarded… You cleaned up your act, somewhat, for a roof, and access to more kids, guns, and young minds to fuck-up. It’s the only way you can get that little winky of yours hard…

Maybe that’s why I hate those words. And that attitude from doctors, police, employers.

I’m autistic. I have serious communication barriers. I have a lot of information for many jurisdictions. I seek to educate and inform massive amounts of data in an efficient manner that bigoted, neurotypical boneheads can understand so we don’t have another Matthew A. Nestle. That is to say that the attention I want is NOT self-serving. It’s so many, many families can eventually sleep at night.


The Klan uses the ‘spoonful of sugar’ method to get people to swallow their crap. They’re are a wolves in sheeps clothing.

I don’t seek to hurt anyone. I’m motivated by protecting, not hiding…

This article will be revised as internet access time is available.