Fugitive Savant

Bio: I am an autistic adult female Prodigious Savant and unabridged activist. I have tendency to just say it like it is, though I do so very diplomatically, others still feel the need to put me into my place. It makes them feel like the alpha dog. Of course, I don't announce that I am an unabridged activist against those who do stupid shit deliberately to hurt kids and protected adults. I am generally very forgiving, and reasonable, it isn't until predators of all shapes and sizes demonstrate a willful intent to dominate that I 'switch out' into a female version of the character Will Hunting played by Matt Damon. If you can recall the scene in the 'Hah-vid bah' (Harvard Bar) where the guy student with the blond pony-tail gets nasty in an attempt to humiliate Ben Affleck's character and Will steps in and uses his eidetic memory to show the student that the student wasn't as smart as he had perceived himself to be... This blog will share my many descriptions of what it's like to be a female with this gift in a male dominated society. I have been officially diagnosed as having autism & Savant Syndrome, which I use prodigiously as an online investigative journalist. I'm a throw-back to old school journalism BEFORE news publications had big investors and chicken-shit lawyers. I used my memory, and came out of the adult prodigy 'closet' because I rented from some monsters with the intent of investigating and exposing them, the failures of law enforcement (D.O.C.) and most importantly the failures of the States Attorney's who lost track of a predator who liked his rape victims under the age of 5, and liked to take Polaroids while he hurt them. I was successful. I saved the life of a career officer in the U.S. Navy who was Richard Beasley probation Specialist. Richard Beasley had been given 30 years probation for 2 counts of child molestation in a county in Florida where he had a long history as a violent offender & R.I.C.O. violations. They made several motions (and won them) that made it mandatory for him to do a few decades in prison, but someone screwed up really bad. As a result he caught 17 new felonies in Missouri and he got 3 new child victims. One of his partners in his criminal organization of child predators murdered a child. That's when I exploded out of the prodigy closet. What's the point of publishing about such atrocities? Because the situation was a common one that many, many individuals find themselves in. I'm a victim of child sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and child porn. Because my parents were criminals I was beaten, and even had my life threatened as a teen by my military trained father, to not talk to investigators. see, had my parents pressed charges, then those who molested me would have told on them for their crimes. This is why the average predator has 117 victims before he catches his/her first sex offense. My prodigious existence is now dedicated to raising awareness, and blood pressures about how ignorance, and ego, are the primary factors in child abuse, molestation, trafficking, and the lack of prosecution & incarceration of the offenders. ALL OF THEM. Now, don't think this is a blog for blaming all sexual abuse on men. I believe the primary offenders are the mothers who allow it, cover it up, and beat the child when the child discusses the events of the rape 7 home abuse with investigators. I will discuss how my savant syndrome, and the characteristics of analyzing any and all governing systems that goes with it, made me prodigious in the social sciences. I had to learn the governing dynamics of the my abusive home, then fuse together basic logical axioms (fundamental absolutes) from Darwin's Theory of Evolution, to Robert Wrights work as the worlds leading evolutionary psychologist, Mert, Murray Bowen, Eric Burn - 'Games people Play', the Holy Bible, and deductive logic/reasoning to survive the best I could as an autistic child savant. I then applied all of these using techniques that were formed in microseconds to deliver a 'magic' bullet to law enforcement that would have gotten about 13 predators serious federal charges for R.I.C.O. violations and I.R.S. fraud. This blog is also about how they tend to regret fucking with this autistic female with savant syndrome.

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