Gloria A. Baca F.N.P. A Great Practitioner for Persons with Autism

My AZ practitioner… Gloria A. Baca FNP

Here’s a link to the USA TODAY article that featured her photograph…

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This is probably the most intelligent caregiver that I have ever had… I told her I had savant syndrome, and immediately new that I was probably autistic. She spent a lot of time doing verbal, and physical examinations. She didn’t seem in the least bit interested in obtaining the falsified records, and misdiagnoses of the TWO hospitals that damn near killed me by forcing me to take Neurontin, and pursuing malicious forms of treatment based on their bullshit diagnosis.

These 2 hospitals, responsible for my 2 shattered legs (one leg each) are the University of Missouri hospitals, and Clinics, including Green Meadows Clinic, Capital region Medical center in Jefferson City, and Tallahassee Memorial Hospital in Tallahassee FL.

In April/May of 2002 I was brought in by ambulance to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital because 1) the persistent M.R.S.A. infection 2) uncontrolled pain even though I had a Duregesic patch and a prescription for Percocet which neither worked because of the Neurontin in my system 3) I wasn’t feeling right, like I did the day that I jumped in MO and broke my leg

Now, Tallahassee Memorial had already had me inpatient for the M.R.S.A. & chronic osteomyelitis. they however, completely missed the autism, and savant syndrome. I was, again, labeled as a ‘difficult’ patient. So, after I told them I wanted to kill myself, they just acted on their ignorant prejudices and set me in a wheelchair, out in the E.R. waiting room…

Now, I’m not right in my head, autistic and the lobby was full of screaming sick kids & adults…

I snap.

I get on the elevator, take it to the highest floor  their was  a button for, THANK GOD it was the parking garage elevator so it only went to 2, and went out and JUMPED from the parking garage (about 15-18′) and landed on concrete right outside of the E.R. and Ambulance bay. No ‘bama-lance needed… Everyone started screaming and the staff ran out to scrape me off of the drive-way.

I do not remember this fondly. In hind-sight I see how Tallahassee Memorial hospitals failure to comply with their own protocols for caring for patients who say the feel like hurting themselves, especially one with a history of violent  suicide attempts. Even though my history of suicide attempts is restricted to only while I was ON NEURONTIN/ Gabapentin,  they still fucked up. Their policy was to have mental health patients set in a chair where any member of the staff could keep an eye on them until they had a bed… They didn’t do this…

Then, there is the Neurontin… I would never do some shit like that in front of a bunch of children, or anyone else for that matter. I am very private, about just about everything, unless someone goes out of their way and makes very dangerous decisions… Then I will take my ‘fight’ out into a public area (social media) so everyone can see exactly what I do and not-quite exactly how I do it.

The point is to create a public referendum, which can create  balance.

Let’s look at the definition of:

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synonyms: correspond, agree, tally, match up, concur, coincide, be in agreement, be consistent, equate, be equalGloria A. Baca F.N.P.