Boycott the use of Neurontin/Gabapentin for off-label uses…

“Don’t screw anybody…” Virginia says to me. Then says “I’m not screwing anybody…”

I was giggling like hell…”I’m not screwing anybody, either…” I reported. “I’m going to screw someone, again, someday. I’m not sure if she’ll be interested in screwing me back, though… I need to loose a good 50 lbs. to be able to perform.” I replied.

“Well don’t screw anyone. People are going to come at you from all directions. They’ll try to set you up.”

I reassured her that I was very sexually self reliant and only have eyes for very specific types of females, and I wasn’t at risk for getting laid in Arizona. Missouri chicks are where it’s at…

‘All About that Bass’ – Meghan Trainor
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You are probably wondering where in the hell all that came from…

<b>Savant Syndrome </b>

I was thinking about how pain is controlling my entire life, right now. Just because I’m not moaning, and groaning, and raising hell <b> in such a way that it’s obvious to you </b> doesn’t mean you have the right to <b> judge </b> my predicament as an autistic person with <b>severe chronic pain <b>. I see the ‘big picture’, or to better explain it… <b> I see the Butterfly Effect, and exactly how the flapping of the wings creates a ‘ripple effect’, or ‘domino effect’ <b> . Projecting is something that we all do based on our experiences. For you <b> linear thinkers <b> your projections are in one layer of the onion. I see all layers all at once, and can manipulate via my own ‘Windows’ operating system called an eidetic memory. I can see multiple layers, in multiple dimensions, all at once. I can also analyze the mathematics, or <b> governing dynamics </b> of all of these relative systems based on multiple ‘absolutes’ (logical axioms) plan interventions, possible outcomes/responses, plan my interventions/responses for those possibilities/probabilities, and then do <b>contingency planning</b> even further, and further out… I can go backwards with the analysis, as well… </b></b></b></b></b></b>

So… what’s the point? I am looking at art, dreaming up art, and occasionally  a cute librarian to forget about the pain. Then, I think ‘Yummy! Handsome woman!’, then about sex, then my conversation with Virginia popped up right along with some very graphic visuals about the cute librarian. She could be my ‘Love At First Sight’s brunette sister… It’s all about association… Now the good visuals are gone, and I’m in pain, and pissed off, again…

Thanks! Virginia…

My pain is in control of my life because, as usual, a University of Missouri physician was NOT IN CONTROL of her emotions, prejudices, bigotry, ignorance, or ‘feelings’…as she put it. I made every offer to accommodate her ‘discomforts’ so she could ‘establish’ me as a patient (which is what I PAID for), do a <b>comprehensive</b> examination as I am AUTISTIC, and in need of <b> conservative pain management because of the delicate balance needed to numb the pain, without numbing my enormous memory, and <b> sex drive</b> as well. ( you linear thinkers orgasm in linear form. I do not. Everything I experience both inside, and out,  is powerfully ‘multiple’, and in the ‘abstract’ (multi-layered). Jealous, yet? I may be a ‘fat retard’ to you, but from where I set… YOU”RE the ‘retarded’ ones. If you need drugs, and alcohol is a drug, to loosen up, and have decent sex… then THAT’S pretty fucking retarded, to me…</b>

Now, imagine this superhuman dynamic, spirituality, and sexuality not only taken away, but leaving you feeling like a shell of a human being… that’s what Neurontin/gabapentin did to me. And these local physicians forced me to take the shit, gave misdiagnosis, assaulted me with a scalpel for being a ‘retard’ (the word is autistic’ you pricks), and left me with 39 breaks/fractures, and a M.R.S.A. colonization.

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