Boone Hospital Center Treats Autistic Female savant for Exposure

I remember being treated here for exposure. I woke up frozen to the ground. I was sleeping outside, by choice, and already had Pneumonia… none of the shelters would take me because of the false mental health diagnosis I was tagged with by all local clinicians. Girls aren’t autistic, or savants according to these physicians back then… Boone got with the program. University is still as bigoted about women with autism/savant syndrome as ever… That’s their male, and female providers… idiots…

Raising awareness about the very deadly ‘groupthink’ (lynch mob) that this particular community, and that of my own hometown of Marshall MO, has CHOSEN for themselves.

Did you know that it’s cheaper to pay the lawsuits, than to practice good medicine/psychology? Yep! their malpractice insurance covers everything, yet all the kickbacks that they get are theirs to keep… It’s called a costs benefits analysis…

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This was fun… mark box if… According to your ‘tools’ any woman, or man between the ages of 16 & 45, with a history of pre-adolescent sexual abuse, A*U*T*I*S*M* are high risk for abuse, addiction, etc. DRUG ABUSE, ADDICTION, and S*T*U*P*I*D ‘tools’ like this are a CHOICE! ‘Tools’ being the key word… If your ‘discriminating’ based on a sexual abuse history, or autism, whether or not someone gets to work for a living, or live in a homeless shelter, with NO access to medical care then you are the fucking ‘TOOL’… GET REAL, people…

Table 1
Opioid Risk Tool
Item Mark Each Box That Applies Item Score If Female Item Score If Male
1. Family history of substance abuse
Alcohol [ ] 1 3
Illegal drugs [ ] 2 3
Prescription drugs [ ] 4 4
2. Personal history of substance abuse
Alcohol [ ] 3 3
Illegal drugs [ ] 4 4
Prescription drugs [ ] 5 5
3. Age (mark box if 16–45) [ ] 1 1
4. History of preadolescent sexual abuse [ ] 3 0
5. Psychological disease
Attention deficit disorder,
obsessive-compulsive disorder,
bipolar, schizophrenia
[ ] 2 2
Depression [ ] 1 1
Total — —
Total score risk category
Low risk: 0–3
Moderate risk: 4–7
High risk: 8

This says nothing about a risk of addiction, or abuse… one article says we are more likely to do exactly what you say because we don’t have time for B*U*L*L*S*H*I*T… I sure don’t… This bullshit malpractice has cost me 3 1/2 months pay…

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Had  Green Meadows sent for my records (university has PLENTY of their own albeit FALSIFIED) when I got there an hour early the idiot supervisor for the green team might have saved thousands of dollars in E.R. visits for doctors notes for work… Instead she went on and on about HER ‘feelings’ instead of doing her god damned job… WOW! All of the E.R. physicians openly advised me to see someone else…Boone Hospital Center