Autistic Female Prodigy Called ‘Retard’ by University of Missouri Surgeon & Blows Whistle

Physician heal Thyself
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I killed this link because I really NOT an asshole like you judgmental bastards at The University of Missouri…

Oh! My! Am I being a hypocrite… Like the licensed caregivers, and future licensed caregivers of this community…

No one  wants old shit thrown up in their face… I especially don’t like old FALSIFIED medical records based on malicious malpractice to cover Dr. Jeffrey Scott Hoskins aggravated assault on this autistic adult savant for ‘acting like a ‘retard’ thrown up in my face when all I want is to go to work (good for persons with autism to have structure), make a shit-ton of money, and chase the girls… Which, they usually enjoy… Can’t speak for all of them, but that’s beside the point…

This entire community treated me like a ‘retard’, punished me for being brilliant because of your assumptions, projections, based on your linear thinking… And your own fuck-ups as ‘tailgating’ students, doctors, lawyers, etc. Police yourselves… I was with a former corrections officer for around ten years. I learned some really good tricks for getting social justice…

This community has effectively cock-blocked me from being able to go to work, make money, and live independently. because I am a female. that means the females are responsible as well. So, I will stay right here and gradually research every single clinicians background, and public records from as many years back as I can dig up.

And no, just because I can express myself at a PC, doesn’t mean I can ‘work’ and meet the rigorous expectations of my employment as an AUTISTIC person with more pain than I can keep track of at any given moment. (thanks to the illegal use of Neurontin) Fuck, I struggle enough medicated, but it’s tolerable, and not so overwhelming as to distract me (autism is one big fucking distraction) from my concentrations. This hit right here is child’s play while I’m in pain. It actually helps, but, then there are no emotional, attention, or physical demands like there is at work.

you know it’s cheaper for practitioners to pay the lawsuits than to practice good medicine… Yep! Their profit margin far exceeds their liability costs.

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This was fun… mark box if… According to your ‘tools’ any woman, or man between the ages of 16 & 45, with a history of pre-adolescent sexual abuse, A*U*T*I*S*M* are high risk for abuse, addiction, etc. DRUG ABUSE, ADDICTION, and S*T*U*P*I*D ‘tools’ like this are a CHOICE! ‘Tools’ being the key word… If your ‘discriminating’ based on a sexual abuse history, or autism, whether or not someone gets to work for a living, or live in a homeless shelter, with NO access to medical care then you are the fucking ‘TOOL’… GET REAL, people…

Table 1
Opioid Risk Tool
Item Mark Each Box That Applies Item Score If Female Item Score If Male
1. Family history of substance abuse
Alcohol [ ] 1 3
Illegal drugs [ ] 2 3
Prescription drugs [ ] 4 4
2. Personal history of substance abuse
Alcohol [ ] 3 3
Illegal drugs [ ] 4 4
Prescription drugs [ ] 5 5
3. Age (mark box if 16–45) [ ] 1 1
4. History of preadolescent sexual abuse [ ] 3 0
5. Psychological disease
Attention deficit disorder,
obsessive-compulsive disorder,
bipolar, schizophrenia
[ ] 2 2
Depression [ ] 1 1
Total — —
Total score risk category
Low risk: 0–3
Moderate risk: 4–7
High risk: 8

This says nothing about a risk of addiction, or abuse… one article says we are more likely to do exactly what you say because we don’t have time for B*U*L*L*S*H*I*T… I sure don’t… This bullshit malpractice has cost me 2 weeks pay…

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